Speedy Casino Overview

Created by Swedish designers and gambling enthusiasts, Speedy Casino is one of the most user-friendly and top of the line gambling houses online. Their main objective is to give players what they truly want out of an online gambling site. Coming straight off from their last great, casino establishment, Casino Heroes, criticisms have been heard and analysed in order to bring a new kind of gambling house onto the market.

Offering a hassle-free policy, this gambling house brings around a new way of winning through direct transferring with minimal effort. As a brand of award-winning developers, Hero Gaming, first-rate games that match up with Speedy Casino’s promise of fast awards is what is in store for all newcomers and veterans to this upcoming site. If players want a stress-free experience with a unique take, then this is the gambling house that hopes to tick all of these boxes.


Games on Offer

As mentioned, Speedy Casino games are among the some of the most innovative series of interactive slot machines out there. Hero Gaming has been a provider for the Swedish developers since the days of its previously made site, Casino Heroes. With over 100 employees supporting 23 nationalities, this is a company that thrives on bringing a variety of people to bring brand new ideas in terms of gaming. As of 2018, they have been nominated for 5 awards at the iGaming awards show, including Employer of the Year award and the Customer Services Operator award.

Not only are slot machines available but there is a satisfying collection of roulettes, blackjacks and table games on offer. Many of them have been provided for by other high-profile software providers in co-operation with Hero gaming. These include NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n Go, Thunderkick, Yggdrasil and many more.

Variety of Slots

The 500+ slot games on offer are from the highest rated software providers used by thousands of gambling houses online. This includes the award-winning Microgaming and the technologically advanced NetEnt. As well as the top-rated games, the Speedy gambling house also has a category of progressive jackpot games where players can win massive prizes.
The most favourable slot games are:

  • Fruit Spin – A popular 5×3 slot game with a variety of bonus features like wheel spins and stacked Wilds.
  • Rapunzel’s Tower – A colourful and enjoyable slot machine which provides simple yet exciting bonuses.
  • Power Force Heroes – A progressive jackpot slot with great features and chances of winning over £60,000.


Promotions and Special Offers

With the site currently brand new and only just reaching the popularity of other gambling houses, as of now there are no direct Speedy Casino bonus or promotions being offered to customers. This includes welcome packages or benefits granted with certain games for using this site. However, this does not mean that such wouldn’t exist in the future once Speedy Casino has sorted its final details. The main great advantage of using this gambling house is their instant cash winnings and user-friendly interface. This means that even though there may be no boosts, in the beginning, it could prove beneficial as a long-term investor.

Speedy Financial transactions

Speedy Casino is about fast money. Whether it is being deposited to play games or being withdrawn for instant winnings. The gambling house uses its own personal electronic wallet to carry its users’ money and let these users immediately withdraw the prizes accumulated through playing the games. No account is needed to get started. Plus, since Speedy Casino is licensed within the EU, all transactions made are tax-free with no extra charge. There is no withdrawal limit so unlimited amount of money can be received by the player.

License Information and Countries

Speedy Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This is used by different companies in the online gambling community and provides the firmest guidelines to follow. These rules and regulations allow Speedy Casino to protect the information of its customers both financially and fairly. This also ensures a safer environment for players to feel comfortable playing in.

Being a European based gambling house, Speedy is limited to countries further than the EU’s reach. The UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and Dutch Islands are allowed but anywhere else will, unfortunately, have to wait for further expansions.

Customer Care

Speedy Casino enjoys dealing with its customers more personally considering they trust they have with it in keeping its money safe. An online live chat room can be accessed instantly through the site’s sub-menu bar under “Chat with our Customer Support”. From there a message box will appear that will allow customers to type in a personal message. Once entered, the message will be sent to the customer support service, and an employee will be with the player as soon as possible. However, the chat room is only available from hours 9:00 to 0:00.


High Level of Safety

Through the license of MGA, all games used in Speedy Casino are independently controlled by a third party. This is to ensure that all the games distribute winnings fairly and the RTP is clearly shown. The RNG (Random Number Generator) is regularly tested to make sure that no manipulation is made by outside sources or the customer themselves.

The site uses HTTPS, which is a safer and secure version of the standard protocol, HTTP. This lets players know that the pages are authentic and give no impressions of unsafe management. The Socket Secure Layer (SSL) encryption is what protects the HTTPS and it also what locks away all information of the customer giving to the site such as finances and personal details.

Reward Schemes

With Speedy Casino currently being a new gambling house, there are no bonuses or reward schemes available for playing specific games on this site or by registering. The best on offer is the promise of a faster finance method. There is room for growth as the site continues to develop in the future.

Top 5 Things to Like Speedy Casino

  1. Faster Financing – Their system of using one secure account to handle transactions makes things simpler for the player than any other gambling house.
  2. Diverse Games – Having a broad network of software providers offers a large selection of games for anyone to play.
  3. Easy Sign-Up – With the handling of their own personal account, registering for this gambling house is done as quick as can be with no distractions.
  4. Live Chat – The live chat room shows how they are willing to establish a trustworthy relationship with its customers, ensuring that all the worries or problems can be solved by the helpful and positive attitudes of its staff.
  5. HTTPS – Adding an extra layer of protection for its customers helps further strengthen that trustful bond, bestowing peace of mind and comfort for those that wish to keep having fun.

Final Thought

If the player wishes to speed up the process, then this is the gambling house that delivers that promise. While they may not provide much in terms of bonus deals, the fast processing time of registering and financial transactions is what makes Speedy Casino so unique. This is a gambling house for players who are on the move and prefer to get through things as quickly as they can while also enjoy playing slot machines among the others. Its connection to multiple providers certainly helps in offering the latest in gambling entertainment. Plus, since the site is still fresh, there is plenty of room for future development. No matter what, Speedy Casino will always help as fast as possible.