The gambling realm is often perceived as a space for real money players, even with the free versions provided for most of the games. The procedure is also assumed to be limited to online gambling dens. With the increasing use of social media, online gaming software developers have begun to incorporate the platforms to reach a much wider fanbase. This has been achieved through social gambling. The concept was first introduced by High5Games and has been picked up by other software developers over the years. However, it was not until Zynga the platform was highly popularised. Therefore, even though it was not the first in the niche, it certainly worked its way to become the best.

Zynga Social Casino Review

You have probably come across games like Farmville and Cityville if you are an avid Facebook user. If you have, then you may be asking yourself “What is Zynga?” which is a name that is often linked to the games. Well, Zynga is the parent company behind the creation of these two bad boys and a hoard of numerous other social gambling ventures. Social gambling is essentially playing games on social media websites. The provided games could include some of those that are found in online casinos while others are casual games that have no link to the gambling world. These games can be accessed outside of the social media sites and on destinations that appear similar to the regular everyday casino. There currently exist numerous well-known Zynga casinos, and they include:

  • Black Diamond Casino: The Black Diamond Casino is a social gambling application that runs on Zynga software. The club features the signature white and red colours that are popular with the Zynga brand with a layout of games and services accessible to players.
  • Hit it Rich Casino: Hit it Rich Casino is also a Zynga social casino application accessible through platforms like Facebook and web browsers. The gaming den shares a striking similarity to the Black Diamond Casino with the same white and red tones along with the dog-silhouette logo used by Zynga.

Game Collection

Unlike most casino games, Zynga video games require a download to run, or they can be launched on the Facebook app. The software developer’s casinos can also only provide titbits of information and provide links to download stores like the Google Play Store. Zynga has a vast collection of games that range from classic slots to arcade-style titles. Whichever the case, a new twist is added to the games to add some excitement to gameplay, especially since real money wins are not provided. Some popular Zynga titles include:

  • Game of Thrones
    Game of Thrones is among the most successful shows from HBO, and its storyline has been used to develop a ton of games, including slot machines. Zynga presents social casino slots that are based on the seven kingdoms of Westeros, which are the central theme of the show. The Game of Thrones Zynga slots take players on a whole new adventure where they can relive memorable moments in the show by viewing famous sites and engaging with popular characters like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Cersei Lannister. Unlike ordinary slots, this pokie incorporates social features that have never been used before where players have to work as a team to claim the Iron Throne.
  • Dawn of Titans
    Zynga has over the years proven itself as a master in the use of 3d imaging, and the Dawn of Titans game cements it. The game is set thousands of years before the world became what we know today in the age of the Titans, who existed even before the Olympian gods. The game puts players in the middle of a battlefield where they have to fight alongside thousands of warriors to save earth from destruction. The game involved a lot of action, but the strategy has to be applied as well to progress through it.
  • Wonka’s World of Candy
    Disney’s chocolate factory that is run by the vibrant Willy Wonka has grown to become a cultural symbol for candies and other sweet goodies. Wonka’s World of Candy helps fulfil childhood dreams by handing players the keys to the famous factory where they can satisfy any candy cravings. This download game is a match-three set, similar to King’s Candy Crush Saga. Willy Wonka is the guide in the game as players are welcomed to different rooms with each level that they complete.
  • CSR 2 Racing
    Zynga’s portfolio would not be complete without a racing game included, and it does not disappoint with CSR Racing. This drag racing game series was so well received when it was released that a second one was provided. The second instalment tops everything found in the first one with hyper-realistic images that challenge the standards of game visuals. The game allows players to compete against others across the globe as well as build their own supercars like McLaren and LaFerrari brands. Gamers can also team up with each other and compete against other crews.

Bonus Offers

Zynga may be all about free games, but it does not mince on the provision of bonuses and promotions. If anything, they are scaled up several notches to make gameplay even more entertaining. When players join a Zynga casino, they are met with one million coins that can be used in any of the available games. This offer is complemented by daily offers that can be as exciting as free chips for every couple of hours of gameplay. The frequency of gameplay can determine the intensity with which incentives are provided. Most Zynga free games also include gems and coins that can be collected as gameplay proceeds. In-game payouts and bonuses can only be used to play in the respective games. Other thrilling rewards include:

  • Progressive jackpots
    Zynga proves that progressive jackpots are not limited to real money games only as is the case in online casinos. These prizes are often collected randomly in most games, but they cannot be withdrawn similar to other payouts received in social casino games.
  • VIP clubs
    Nearly all Zynga casinos have VIP clubs with tiers that offer better advantages the higher one climbs. Climbing the VIP ladder is done by collecting more coins, which are awarded during gameplay. As many as one million points can be requested to become a member of the highest club. Those not willing to play their way to the top can pay instead by purchasing points using real money. The Zynga support staff provides more information on the clubs.


Online safety is a crucial factor to consider when playing in a social casino. This is because some personal information may be provided during the creation of an account. Also, banking info is required when making purchases on the platforms. Zynga takes the security of its clients seriously by barring unauthorised access to the servers used to store the information. Even though these sites are not fully-fledged gambling dens that conduct deposits and withdrawals, the safety of players’ information is protected using SSL encryption. When playing on social media platforms, no info is stored on the platforms, and neither is it shared with third parties.

Social Platforms

Being a company that is focused on social gambling, it goes without saying that it is active on nearly every popular social media platform. The most common one of them all is Facebook, where even its games can be played. When playing in this app, gamers can share their progress with friends and also invite them to join in gameplay for freebies. Other platforms are used to inform players on game updates and other news surrounding the firm. These spaces are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

The Difference from Real Money Casinos

Zynga casinos and real money gaming sites share a lot of similarities when it comes to the provision of entertainment. However, they differ significantly in other areas, including:

  • Downloadable games: Nearly all of free Zynga games are available in a download version where players have first to install an application before the games or casinos run. This is unlike cash casinos that are mostly focused on instant play games that run directly on web browsers.
  • Real money payouts: Zynga games fall in the category of free sets, which means no real money bets can be placed, and neither are real money wins provided. In regular casinos, on the other hand, cash is offered in payouts when the same is used to place bets. However, players can deposit actual money in Zynga social casinos to purchase coins or lives that are then used in games.

Closing Thoughts

Zynga continues to break through the gaming market to merge casino games with casual sets onto one platform. These games can be played entirely for free without ever spending a penny.