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2video slots

How To Play Slot Machines

How Do Slot Machines Work in Casinos? To know how do classic casino slots work you should know it is pretty easy to get the hang of and the basic way they work is to insert a coin or coins, spin the machine, and see if you win a prize. ... read more

top 7 cute slots slotozilla

TOP 7 Cutest Slots Online

Slotozilla has tons of cute games! Our collection is full of diverse online video, classic, 3D slots that are perfect for both seasoned players and new ones. We’ve searched across our collection of free online slot machines to find only the most charming, adorable and light-hearted slots for you. Wondering ... read more

earth day slots

Top 7 Slot Games – Earth Day 2015

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, and it’s a day to step back to honour the planet we live on. To wonder at its beauties, miracles and perhaps try to give something back. Do the smallest thing to help the environment to which we owe so much. To show ... read more

top5 easter slots slotozilla

5 Free Slots to Play On Easter Sunday

If you are planning to spend Easter weekend at home, it’s important to arrange your leisure time in advance. At first you have Easter lunch with your family and friends. Afterwards, when you feel stuffed, pleased and idle, time to have fun will come. Playing free slots at Slotozilla is ... read more

top7 fools day slots slotozilla

Best 7 April Fool’s Day Online Slots

April Fool’s Day may not be an official holiday, but nearly the whole world unites on the 1st of April by playing practical jokes, telling funny stories, being silly and hilarious. It sounds good enough to us, and so to further honour the happiest day of the year, we have ... read more