Coyote Moon Slot

by IGT
RTP: 94%
Coyote Moon
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When it comes to nature-themed slots, IGT is really the king. Do you remember the famous Wolf Run slots? Coyote Moon is the next game released in that series, and both games look very familiar. They have the same rules, same bonus rounds, and even the same RTP rate – only the symbols are a little different.

Coyote Moon Slots Review

If you liked the nature and animal theme of Wolf Run, you would like Coyote Moon too: both games are fun and fall into the medium volatility category. This means Coyote Moon slots will pay often, but its payouts won’t be that big. This is not a bad thing, actually: you will get longer gameplay even with a low budget, and the payout frequency will be much better than the high volatility slots. And as always, you can play the free version of the game at Slotozilla as long as you want, without any restrictions. So, let’s take a closer look at Coyote Moon free slots and find out what it truly offers, shall we?

Coyote Moon Info

RTP 94%
Software IGT
Game type Video Slots
Theme Animals Slots, Desert Slots, Wild West Slots
Min Bet / Max Bet 1-50
Paylines 40
Reels 5
Risk game No
Multiplier No
Bonus rounds No
Scatter symbol Yes
Wild symbol Yes
Free spins Yes

Coyote Moon Feature List

The features of Coyote Moon are as follows:

  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 40
  • Theme: Animals, Nature
  • Symbol Count: 11 normal, 2 special
  • Bonus Symbols: Yes, 2 in total
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes, 2 in total
  • Minimum Bet: 0.01 (per line)
  • Maximum Bet: 0.10 (per line)
  • Automatic Spin: Yes, up to 50
  • RTP: 94.98%
  • Maximum Multiplier: 2 X Total Bet
  • Mobile Compatibility: Limited

This list is just for reference; we will explain all of these features in detail and start by explaining the interface of the game. After that, we will talk about the rules, and more importantly, how to win at Coyote Moon slots.

The Interface of Coyote Moon Slots

The interface of the game is simple and straightforward: all the buttons you need are located at the bottom of the screen. The grey bar at the very bottom contains two important links, so let’s start with those.

  • Game Rules. When you click on this button, a new window will open, and you will be redirected to an external website. This new tab contains a long document that explains all of the rules in detail. Start by reading this if you are a beginner. However, this page does not contain symbols payouts and/or RTP rates – for those, we need to look at the paytable.
  • Paytable. This button will open a secondary screen in-game, which will show you the basic rules, symbol payouts, bonus round conditions, and the RTP rate. As always, you should check this screen first before starting to play.

There are also a couple of other buttons on the interface, which we will explain below:

  1. Lines. Coyote Moon slots have 40 pay lines in total, and this is not a fixed number: you can lower it to any value you want. Doing so will also lower the total bet amount. We will explain the reason below, but for now, leave this value at 40.
  2. Line Bet. The value here shows how many coins you are betting per pay line. If it is 0.10 coins, for example, and you are playing with all of the 40 lines, your total bet value per spin will be 4 coins (0.10 x 40). We recommend lowering this value as low as possible (0.01 coin), and we will explain why – keep reading.
  3. Total Bet. As explained above, this value shows how many coins you are wagering per spin in total.
  4. Spin. As can be guessed, you have to click on this to start the game and spin the reels.
  5. Win. This box shows how much you have won in total and during the game session.
  6. Balance. This one shows how many coins you have left.
  7. Auto Spin. If needed, you can spin the reels automatically up to 50 times by clicking here.
  8. Options. Opens a small menu where you can change the graphics quality. This actually does not matter for modern PCs; you can choose “best”.

Now we know the buttons on the interface and what do they do, so let’s start spinning the reels. It is time to start playing Coyote Moon.

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Rules & How to Win: Everything You Need to Know About Coyote Moon

Even if you have not played a slot machine before, you can learn everything you need to know in 5 minutes: the rules are really that simple. Like all other video slots, Coyote Moon includes symbols, and your goal is to land at least three of these symbols next to each other on a pay line.

So, what is a pay line? They are literal lines that connect both sides of the reels, and pass over every reel. After scoring a winning, you will be able to see what do they look like. Or, if you are impatient, you can find them in paytable information. For now, know that they are not straight lines, more like zig-zags. And if three of the same symbols land on one of these lines (from left to right), you will be entitled to a prize according to the symbol set payout.

Click on the “spin” button to start and watch the reels turn. They will stop after mere seconds, and if you managed to do the thing we explained above, you will be able to collect your prize. If not, click on spin again and try your chance once more. This is the basis of the game, and even its bonus round is played like this, which we will explain below. Once again, let us remind you that you can use the auto spin feature if pressing the same button over and over becomes boring. Don’t worry, if you score a winning, the automatic spins will stop and let you collect your prize.

Payouts and Symbols of Coyote Moon

So, what kind of payouts can you expect from Coyote Moon slots? As mentioned above, this depends on the symbol set you landed; each one pays a different amount. Moreover, these amounts are the same no matter what your total bet amount is. In other words, the symbols will pay the same prizes whether you are playing with the minimum or maximum bet. This is actually an advantage, which we will explain in detail below. For now, let’s continue with the symbol payouts table:

Coyote Moon (logo) 50 200 1,000
Deer 25 100 400
Bird 25 100 400
Lizard 20 75 250
Skull 20 75 250
A, K 5 50 150
Q, J 5 20 100
10, 9 5 20 100

So, what does this table tells us? Moreover, what are the special symbols of Coyote Moon? The first thing we need to explain is that these symbols change when “rising moon bonus” gets triggered. It is just a visual change: symbols became darker, but their payouts stay the same. The bonus round has some advantageous features, which we will explain below, but it does not change the payout values of the symbols. So if you see the symbols change suddenly, don’t worry: this means you triggered the bonus round.

That being said, there are two special symbols in the game. The first one is the wild, which is shown with the logo of the game. In addition to being the most valued symbol of Coyote Moon, it has a very nice feature: substitution. The Wild symbol can be used to substitute all other standard symbols in the game, so you can complete any winning combination with it. For example, landing two Deer symbols won’t pay a thing, but if there is a wild symbol next to them, the game will pay like you landed three Deer symbols. Sounds good, right? The only exception is the scatter symbol: Wild icon cannot substitute it.

Speaking of Scatter symbol, it is shown with a red or green (depends on whether you activated the bonus or not) tribe member picture. It also has a payout: landing three scatter symbols on the middle reel will pay 2x the total bet. The maximum bet amount per spin is 4 coins, so you will immediately win 8 coins when this happens. But this is not the only feature of the scatter symbol: it is also used for activating the bonus round. Let’s take a closer look at this feature now.

Bonus Rounds of Coyote Moon Slots

Coyote Moon has a bonus feature and a bonus round, which are completely different things. The bonus feature is called “Stacked Wilds“, and it is always active. You don’t need to do anything to trigger it: this feature can be started anytime during the normal gameplay or the bonus round. However, it goes more often during the bonus rounds. This feature is what makes Wolf Run and Coyote Moon famous. If you manage to activate Stacked Wilds during the bonus round, you will win lots more.

So, what does this feature do? As the name implies, it allows wild symbols stack on top of each other on a particular reel, up to four symbols. When this feature gets triggered, you can be sure to see at least one reel filled with Wilds. But it can also fill all reels with wild symbols: the potential of this feature is limitless. As can be expected, this increases your winning chances and nearly guarantees a winning.

The bonus round, on the other hand, must be triggered by landing at least three scatter symbols on the centre reel. Doing so will award you 2 times the total bet immediately, as explained above, and automatically start the round. This is a free spin round, and you get to spin the reels five times for free. It is called “Rising Moon Bonus”, and when the round starts, all symbols on the reels gets darker, as explained above. The free spins are used automatically, and it is possible to trigger more spins by landing more scatter symbols, up to 255 free spins. In other words, if you are lucky enough, you can spin the reels 255 times without spending any money and collect the prize.

It may seem like a low figure but remember that Stacked Wild feature gets richer during the round. Filling all the reels with wild symbols is an amazing thing, and this can happen during the bonus round, so good luck!

What Is the RTP of Coyote Moon Slots?

The paytable of Coyote Moon slots states that the RTP rate of the game is in between 92.50% – 94.98%. These are actually good rates, considering the industry average is 95%. If you don’t know what these numbers mean, here is a simple explanation: you will be able to recover 94.98 EUR of every 100 EUR you invested in the long run. In other words, you won’t lose more than 5.02 EUR. Of course, don’t forget that long run means at least a thousand spins – so don’t expect to see these rates only after an hour of gameplay. Overall, the RTP rate of Coyote Moon is satisfying, and you will win pretty often.

Coyote Moon Tips & Tricks

We have a couple of tips and tricks about Coyote Moon slots, but remember that these are not a “system” and there is no way to guarantee your winning. Slot machines are based on an RNG (random number generator) software, so nobody can predict the results of a spin and/or increase the chance of winning. Our tips and tricks about Coyote Moon will offer you longer gameplay and therefore, more possibilities to score a prize. In addition, they will help you to manage your budget more efficiently.

  • Always play with the lowest bet amount. The lowest bet amount you can place is 0.01 coin per line, which makes the total bet amount of 40 coin per spin. The demo version comes with 1,000 complimentary coins, so you will get hours of gaming experience. While playing the real money version, you should still prefer the lowest bet amount. There is a simple reason for this: the paytable is fixed, so even when playing with 0.40 coin per spin, you get the same rewards. The only thing that gets affected is the scatter payout, which is based on a multiplier. However, it is only 2x, so you won’t be missing anything. This trick will help you spin the reels longer with a lower budget, so you can catch more possibilities to score a prize.
  • Do not change the payline number. If you lower the number of your paylines, the total bet amount will get lowered too. However, this is not a good thing: fewer lines mean fewer possibilities for winning. In other words, you will be lowering your chances of winning too. Always play Coyote Moon with 40 lines, and to lower the cost per spin, use the minimum bet amount.

Real Money vs Coyote Moon Free Slots: Which One Is Better?

Believe it or not, both are the same game. Obviously, if you want to win real money, you must play the real money version at online casinos. However, in terms of rules and winning chances, there is no difference between the Coyote Moon free slots and the real money version. They are literally the same game and offer the same features. The only thing different is the “reality” of balance.

So, you should start playing with Coyote Moon free slots. Doing so will teach you the game without taking any financial risks. Moreover, you will be able to see whether this game is right for you: every player has different needs and expectations, and by playing Coyote Moon free slots, you can find out if this is the game for you. And if the answer is yes, you can continue by playing the real money version at an online casino – don’t worry, we also have some recommendations for them too. In short, there is no better version: both versions of the game are good and should be played. Note that if casual gambling is the only thing you are interested, you can keep playing the demo version of Coyote Moon at Slotozilla as long as you want: We will never restrict your game time.

Coyote Moon Mobile Version

Coyote Moon slots can be played on mobile devices too, but only if they run on Android. This is an “old” game of IGT which is developed on the Flash platform. And as you already know, iOS devices do not support Flash. Therefore, you may have some troubles if you want to play Coyote Moon on iPhones and iPads.

Android devices, on the other hand, will be offering a seamless experience, due to their support for Flash. We recommend using devices with at least 4.8-inches screen size. Otherwise, the buttons become too small to click. But of course, this is a personal preference.

Play Coyote Moon Free Slots on Slotozilla

Well, now you know every important thing about Coyote Moon slots: it is time to click on that “play” button and start your journey. Slotozilla offers you the demo version of Coyote Moon without any restrictions. You can play as long and as much as you want. Moreover, no download and no registration are needed. And once you make enough practice, you can pick one of our recommended online casinos to try your luck with real money. Good luck out there!


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