Most famous slots winners

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Without any doubts, every person has a dream of becoming the owner of the jackpot. Even winning a jackpot is only half a task, the other one would be to manage it properly. There are some examples when people succeeded to do that and get the maximum jackpots without even paying much money or efforts in the online gambling institutions. For instance on the 21st of March, 2003 one person won not less than $39,713,982.25. A large sum for any category of people. This was the largest jackpot to this day in Las Vegas that was won on slot machines (Megabucks at Excalibur).

Keeping $39m in mind, slot machines can be one of the best ways to improve your financial situation. That is why many players rely on gambling, believing that it can not only give significant winnings, but also provide them with the greatest emotions.

One more case is worth mentioning. A 25-year-old won a jackpot on a less than $100 investment. The person decided to take it in portions rather than a lump sum. It meant that this individual was going to get about 1.5 million dollars recurring for the next 50 or so years. A tempting perspective for many young people.

These are not only examples of winning the maximum jackpot in Las Vegas. In 1987, a person from Arkansas, upon visiting Vegas scored a jackpot in the amount of $1,061,812. The name of this lucky guy was Kirk Erickson and he won this sum in Caesars Palace. However luck had a cruel trick to play on the man. Kirk did not manage to get his winning as he was under 21 years of age (the minimum gambling age in Las Vegas). Owing to this fact, the payout was void. Kirk attempted to prove get the funds through court but in 1989 the court denied his claims to the funds.

These “victories” are viewed as the ultimate route to hapiness but often, those who hit these multi-million jackpots are not prepared to manage it or take factors revolving around it lightly. There is even a myth of a curse that surrounds those who have gotten to win a jackpot on the slot machines. Supposedly, most of winners ended up dead not too long after they scored a jackpot.

These examples above show that Slots can provide instant and easy gratification and can increase the potential for your life to have one less problem to think about, but it should be taken seriously as most other things that involve self-control, responsibility, regimental approach and quality of character.


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